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--Training Options Geared Towards Dogs Aged From 6-Months through Adult--

When puppies become 5 to 6 months old, their hormones start to change, they are going through their form of puberty, while getting a little bit more confident in their surroundings. Often times they act as if they have selective hearing when you call them or give commands, behave differently, and they may act up. During this period of your dogs life, it’s not uncommon for the behavior you don’t want from them to get worse. What we once thought was a “cute behavior” are no longer cute when the puppy weighs 45 pounds and knocks the air out of you when s/he greets you or barks consistency when all you want to do is watch TV. Or, perhaps they play “Catch me if you can” game when you REALLY need the cell phone that s/he put in her/his mouth.

You n’ I (友愛) Animal Wellness has created training options that cover many “Teenage Dog Behaviors” such as; Jumping on People, Door Bell/Door Manner, Distractive Chewing in the House, Barking and Pulling on the Leash during Walks. We provide the best training techniques; using gentle, fun, and positive reinforcement techniques to prevent/manage unwanted behaviors while teaching them new Appropriate Behaviors. We also cover Polite Greeting along with teaching your Teenage/Adult dog basic manners such as; Touch, Sit, Down, Stay, Watch Me, Leave It, Drop it/Take it, Door Manners, Come and Loose Leash Walking.

* Shown fees include sessions in most areas of Aurora, Denver, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Englewood, and Lakewood. Sessions outside of these areas may be subject to additional Travel Fees of $1.00 per mile outside of the service area with a minimum Travel Fee of $15.00.


It is never too soon or too late to start building a lasting positive relationship with your dog through training. Dogs over 6 months old are considerably “Teenage”; and you may encounter some challenges while raising your dog. But any young/adult dog with any skill level are willing to learn new behaviors in these fun and effective classes. Your dog will learn to pay attention to you around distractions (class is very distracting!) and you will build valuable training skills that will be useful at home and in public.

Our small group class (limited to up to 5 dogs per class) offers you and your dog the opportunity to learn about Canine Body Language, Basic Manners, Polite Greeting, and discuss common behavior problems such as; Stealing, Jumping, Barking, Digging, Counter Surfing and Loose Leash Walking with Distraction. Your dog will be able to learn these behaviors with more distractions, giving you the skills to know how to use all the basic manners in real world situations. We’ll have open group discussions during the class, get to know other dog guardians, and have fun while learning!

Limited Space minimum 2 dogs up to 6 dogs

  • How to read dogs body language
  • Basic Learning Theory/li>
  • Bite Prevention techniques
  • Building Impulse Control (Self Control)
  • Basic Manner-“Name Recognition” ”Touch” “Sit” “Down” “Stay” “Come” “Leash Manner” “Drop/Take it” “Leave it” “Wait at food bowl” “Door Manner”
  • Basic Manner Plus-Adding 3D's-Distraction, Duration and Distance to make basic manners more suitable for real life situation

Class Fees: 6-classes $160.00

Date/Time: Every Sunday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Class Room: Parkside Animal Health Center (5001 S. Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80015)

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After you and your puppy graduate from “Teenage Blues 1-Basic Obedience” (and/or have comparable skills) you are now eligible to join our advanced class, “Teenage Blues 2-Into the Real World-“. In this class, we will review all the basic cues (commands) and Self-Control skills you and your dog learned, and we’ll strengthen your dog’s reliability in real world situations. We may have a few fun field trips to improve basic behavior such as, Sit/Down and Stay, Leave it and Come. This class is an on going class, you are welcome to come to this class as many session as you’d like, there is no age limit, and you and your dog will learn something new every time!

Session Fees: Drop-in per classs $32.00
6-Session Pacakage $160.00

Schedule your lesson by booking or call 720-509-9764