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Is this your first kitty and you are not sure how to make your home safe for the kitty? Do you wonder if your cats are playing or fighting? Do your cats sometimes get along, but other times they fight? Does your cat attack and/or bite you, your friends, and/or a family member? Does your cat hate nail trimming or getting groomed? Does your new cat NOT get along other resident dogs or cats, or vice versa? Is your cat getting old and having trouble finding the litter box? If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, our In-Home Cat Behavior Training could be a perfect fit for you!

Our cat behavior modification training is designed specifically for the individual cat and the guardian. For cats, in home training is the preferred training method because they do not do well with changes in their environment, like travel which will be more stressful to the cat and the guardian. Our training session plans are completely customized to fit you and your kitty’s needs. During the training we will be able to give you step by step instructions on how to modify and manage your kitty’s behavior, using positive reinforcement and play therapy techniques.

You and your kitty will have “quality time” while modifying bad behavior. After the trainings you will have a better understanding about cat’s body language, your kitty’s personality, and how to restore harmony and friendship with your kitty.

  • Kitty! How to introduce my new kitty/cat to my resident animals?
  • Baby! How to introduce my cat to my newborn baby?
  • Scratching-furniture destroyer
  • Nail trimming battles-How to trim your cat's nails without hassle?
  • OMG! Vet visit-How to reduce your cat's stress?
  • Litter box blues
  • Nutrition and diet
  • How to take care of elderly cat?
  • Saying good bye-grief consultation.
  • And More!

The initial consultation will last about 90 -120 minutes to cover the following: a history of your kitty; observe how you and your kitty interact, and see how your house is set up for your kitty. We will discuss your specific session plan, treatment and management plan as I get more clear pictures of the problem you are facing. Schedule your initial consultation with our online booking system or call 720-509-9764

  • Initial Visit/Training (90-120 minutes) $120.00
  • Follow-up Visits/Training (60 minutes) $80.00

Feline Video Chat Consultation Now Available!!!

We are now offering Private Consultation via Video Chat on either Skype or Google Hangout. It is a great way to connect long distance clients who are out of our service areas, no traveling fees required! (Aurora, Denver, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Englewood)

It is also convenient for the guardians with shy cats who don’t like strangers coming to the house, so that we can have the consultation without stressing your cat out!