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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training | Dogs & Cats Problem Behavior Counseling | Aurora Colorado and Surrounding Areas

"Where Animal Wellness Begins with Friendship (友) & Love (愛)"


It is our mission at You n’ I Animal Wellness to provide the best dog training, grief counseling, and canine/feline behavior consultation throughout puppy/kitten’s life, and building strong long lasting relationship with our clients through all of their times of needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team will help inspire, educate, problem solve and achieve positive consistent results for our clients.

Our company name 'You n' I' has a deepermeaning: 'YOU' in Japanese is written as '友‹' which is symbolized as 'Friend', and 'I' is written as '愛„›' which is symbolized as 'Love'.

You n' I Animal Wellness will enhance you and your furry kid'€™s body, mind, and spiritual growth.

We will provide the most effective training tools, based on science and learning theory for animals. We use positive reinforcement method; it is kind and humane to your furry kids to build a strong and friendly partnership with you.

We believe the relationship between animals and human should be like dancing partners. We can get frustrated sometimes when our animals don't follow our lead. This most often occurs because our pets are confused and don't know where the boundaries are because they have not learned/been trained to know them. The same can be true in reverse, our pets are trying to lead us, but we do not understand what they want. At You n' I Animal Wellness, we help the owners and their furry kids to learn patience, courage, love and to have fun while learning!

You n' I Animal Wellness is against all harsh training methods such as hitting, yanking, yelling, declawing, debarking, choke collar, prong collar, and electric shock collar (E collar), and does not believe in any method that uses force ('Alpha roll') or dominance theory ('Be an alpha of the pack to control your pet').

You will learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with your furry kids in a positive, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

"Yukari is an amazing trainer. Her years of experience, passion for animals, and her understanding of how to help humans make her who she is today. This is one trainer that you dont want to let get away... Yukari thank you for helping me and my Lucy LeFleur." ~Nikita