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A Lesson From Life

Posted: 07/09/2015
At the end of May or early June, my husband and I were obsessed about looking out the back yard window. My husband found a little gray bird nest on a tree near by the window, and we were hoping to see some baby birds in the nest. Weeks pasted by, and finally I saw the mom bird flying down to the nest to be greeted a few baby birds peaked their heads out from the nest and asked for their breakfast on one sunny morning. I invited my husband to join and watch them with me. We watched them for a while until the mom bird flew away to find more food. It was so beautiful. The babies were bold and tiny, but they all were celebrating their lives, they were chirping for food, and wanting mom’s attention, it was like them singing; “We’re here, we’re alive! Mom, can you hear us?”

Every morning and evening, it became our routine to check on the bird’s nest. My husband set up his spotting scope so we can watch them closer. We found 4 little baby birds in the nest one day. We saw that the baby birds got some feathers on their heads one day. (It looked just like Mohawk, and it made us smile.) I started noticing the sound of baby birds chirps. My husband and I talked about the bird family every night at the dinner table. We celebrated their new life, new journey, and new adventure.

Since the weather in Colorado this year has been so crazy, we got many rainy days with hail and thunderstorms during the months. One day I was worried about the nest during the thunderstorm and checked on them through the telescope. I saw the mom bird covering the nest with her body and wings, trying to protect her babies. She was soaking wet, but didn't even move an inch. It was mother’s true love, true unconditional love, and it was so beautiful.

The next morning, I heard the baby bird’s strong chirps again. I felt relief that they all made it through the storm. The mom was busy feeding them, and I even saw a few baby birds open their wings. That evening, we had another thunderstorm and the mom bird did the exact same thing. Oh how much I wished I could get an umbrella over her and her nest; I prayed for the ending of the horrible storms that the mom had to fight for her and her babies’ lives.

The next morning, I heard the baby bird’s chirps again, but I only found 3 little birds in the nest. My heart sank. The next few days, we had similar storms every evening. It didn’t take too long for me to find out that only one little baby bird was left in the nest, and I saw some very unusual behavior from the mom bird. Up to that point, she kept herself busy finding food, feeding and protecting the babies. But that morning, she just stood by the nest for a long time while the only baby bird that was left was chirping weakly for food. I imagined the worst-case scenario.

The next morning, I woke up with a very quiet back yard. I looked into the scope several times and hoped that the baby bird was still sleeping, and waiting for the mom bird to come back with breakfast. But she never came back…

Some times Mother Nature teaches us something so valuable in life. It is not a happy “la-la” land to live in this world; it takes so much effort to nurture a new life, and to survive through something we cannot control, like the storms. Some times, a mother needs to make a very difficult decision for the babies, and for herself to survive.

After we stopped watching the bird family at the end of June, a dear friend of mine for 10 plus years came to visit us from California. I was speechless, and tears ran down through my cheeks as soon as I saw her almost 13 year old son. He was already taller than his mom, and he was no longer a young boy-he now is becoming a handsome, young man. I cried with joy for him growing up, and it made me realize how much of diligent effort and unconditional love my friend and her husband have been giving to him.

“LIFE” teaches us how strong, yet how fragile it is. How beautiful, yet how sad it can be. And then it still shows us that love is stronger than death, and I think it is very, very powerful and beautiful…So let’s not waste another moment, hug the one you are sharing your life with, and tell them how much you love them.

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another. ~ Thomas Merton
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