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Looking Back on 2015 and at 2016 For Team You n I Animal Wellness

Posted: 01/07/2016
At the end of every year, I look through all the photos I took from puppy group classes and private sessions, it makes me realize how much all the students and their dogs mean to me.

Early on in 2015, a little baby Yorkshire terrier named “Missy” came to my puppy socialization class at Parkside Animal Health Center. “Missy” weighed only a few pounds at the time, but she was a fearless puppy, who played with any size dog, always is full of energy, and made everyone smile. They continued on into our “Puppy Unleashed!” class, and then to “Teenage Blues” class.

One day, Missy’s guardian asked me about service dog training. It must be very difficult for Missy’s guardian to share something so personal with me, but after we had a deep conversation, she decided to move on and take more specific training so that Missy can become a service dog for her. I can’t lie, it was a sad moment when I found out that “Team Missy” was no longer coming to my class, but it was also my proud moment at the same time when she told me that she and Missy passed the evaluation test to join the service dog training class. I hope everything that we worked on, from socialization skills to leash manners to just simple basic manners will help “Team Missy” to achieve their new goals.

Team Gracie, Team Sascha, Team Stella, became our “Teenage Blues” core group since they all started “Puppy Unleashed” at the same time, along with Team Roxy & Rio who are continuing their education. A little surprise to the group was when Team Samson returned! What a fun class that was! Team Annie, Team Dean, Team Nigel worked on learning Impulse Control and we sure hope they are still improving their Impulse Control through 2016.

Team Chloe, Team Remi, Team Annabelle, Team Louie, and Team Duke, your journey is just beginning as we head into the New Year. You’ll have a lot of ups and down, but also there’ll be much laughter and fun in your lives.

There are so many teams I met throughout the year, and I wish I could list them all…and all of this couldn’t happen without wonderful support and friendship from Dr. Eisenhauer, Dr. Barrow, Dr.Winton and their great staff at Parkside Animal Health Center.

Our In-Home/Private sessions have had many special cases as well. Team Nala, Team Teddy, Team McKinley, Team Bixby, Team Pippa, Team Maddie, Team Bailey & Harley, Team Bandit & Stella, Team Madison, Team Dante, Team Pegasus, and Team Stella & Willie who showed me great teamwork, Team Charlie, Team Coco & Bella, Team Timber & Style, Team Loki, Team Roku, and Team Dave who showed me love and consistency, Team Yogi-Bear, The K Team-Kia, Koko, and Kizzie, Team Margo, Team Stanley, who showed me patience and dedication, and many, many more… I thank you all for letting me share your journey with your beloved furry kids through training, and look forward to continuing our journey together in 2016.

We also launched “Puppy Unleashed!” and “Basic Obedience for Teenage/Adult Dogs” at Aurora Animal Hospital in later September. Team Dakota, Team Tex, Team Maple and Team Tinker were the first to graduate from these classes. Thank you so much, Dr. Cogswell and wonderful staff at Aurora Animal Hospital for giving me the opportunity to have all the classes, trust in my work and your support!

“You n’ I Animal Wellness” thrives to be a part of the community, and we were able to have at least one workshop a month to help support rescue groups and shelters throughout 2015. Colorado Pug Rescue, Dachshund Rescue, Big Paws Huge Dogs, Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region, Misha May Foundation, and Aurora Animal Shelter are among some of them, and we celebreated great successes in each workshop. We also had our annual reunion at the Furry Scurry and I also ran a 10K for Wild Animal Sanctuary for the first time in 2015! We had another great success with our annual food/toy drive, and this year we donated it to Big Paws Huge Dogs and Aurora Animal Shelter.

To all our wonderful students who became our extended family THANK YOU! From bottom of my heart, for your friendship, trust in our work, and for us to be able to give back to community. Each and every one of you taught me so many wonderful life lessons through training your puppies, and those are treasures in my heart.

We know You n’ I Animal Wellness will continue to grow even more in 2016, and will have more special meetings, and have as many happy reunions as we can. In 2016, we will continue to provide the most current training methods and information, as well as fun things we can do together. We’re planning to have our annual Furry Scurry fundraising walk and reunion as Team You n’ I Animal Wellness, we will keep having fun with contests and give aways on our Facebook Fan Page, and we are also hoping that we can announce some very EXCITING news to you on either March or April 2016, too. So stay tuned, and let’s celebrate 2016 TOGETHER!

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