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Puppy Training

Puppies ages 6 months and under go through a Socialization Period. During this time, it’s important that they are taught how to properly play with other puppies, and expose them to people so that they have good association with people. During this time it is very important for them to be potty trained, for them to understand bite inhibition, and for them to learn basic cues (commands).

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Teenage/Adult Dog Training

When puppies become 5 to 6 months old, their hormones start to change, they are going through their form of puberty, while getting a little bit more confident in their surroundings. Often times they act as if they have selective hearing when you call them or give commands, behave differently, and they may act up. During this period of your dogs life, it’s not uncommon for the behavior you don’t want from them to get worse. What we once thought was a “cute behavior” are no longer cute when the puppy weighs 45 pounds and knocks the air out of you when s/he greets you or barks consistency when all you want to do is watch TV. Or, perhaps they play “Catch me if you can” game when you REALLY need the cell phone that s/he put in her/his mouth.

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Cat Training

We offer feline behavior consultation/behavior modification session at the comfort of your home so your kitty doesn’t have to stress out due to traveling, and being in a unfamiliar environment. Specializing in; how to introduce your cat to other residential animals and new born babies, learning how to re-direct your cat to an appropriate scratch post instead of them scratching furniture, freeing you from nail trimming battles, reducing your cat's stress during a vet visit, marking/spraying problems, litter box training, nutrition and diet, taking care of an elderly cat and many other behavior/habits you may need to discuss with our experts.

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Our Training Philosophy

Learning Theory does not assume the dog strives for dominance. The theory states that animal behavior is triggered by the environment in response to an anticipated outcome. opportunity and practice, the animal learns specific behaviors while being driven by motivation, reinforcement (either negatively or positively), and conditioning.

Dominance theory’ is based on the use of force and correction, and ‘Learning Theory’ is based on positive reinforcement.

Dominance Theory states that the dog ‘misbehaves’ because they are striving for a higher rank (like wolves in the wild). Humans need to show them “who’s the boss by using intimidation, force and correction. Their relationship is developed through dominant and submissive roles. There is no scientific proof that domesticated animals strive for dominance in a hierarchical pack setting.

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