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What People and Their Pets Have to Say

Thanks so much! Learning patience, consistency, observation, clean-up skills & love-Let’s keep trying!
-Danamarie Schmitt

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Thank you very much for training me to train my Foster boy, Molson! We are all working hard and staying focused on your plan. As a result - fingers crossed - after we met with a potential family, it appears they want him as their own!!!!!!! He was such a great boy. Heart felt appreciation from all of us. Will pass your name along to the new family.
-Foster Mom, Johanna Schmidt

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Yukari is excellent. Seamus is becoming very close to being ready for therapy dog certification. Yukari provides just the right mix of activities to help Seamus do better.
-Linn Wilson & Seamus

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I just wanted to let you know that the cats are doing overall incredibly well. We now have all the doors open even at nights, and they are pretty much handling it and dealing fine. I just needed to let you know how well things are going and how deeply grateful I am for you and all that you did. That’s why you’ve been coming to my mind every time I look at those cats. THANK YOU, THANK YOU So MUCH for EVERYTHING you did.
-Laurel Harris and the cats-Puff, Bodhi, Wicca

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Getting a new puppy Emmy!

I have always supported Yukari because of her positive techniques and success with both people and pets. However, after getting a new puppy Emmy, my husband and I have been SO grateful for the patience and gentleness she has shown our timid new family member. Emmy is quickly becoming a well-mannered and well-socialized girl! Thank you!!
-Brenda Eisenhauer

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Just had to email you to thank you! Your help and expertise has helped the whole family and has made Bowser, our French bulldog, an amazing part of our family. I appreciate the help with the behavior and puppy training. But there are no words that can thank you for the bond that you have helped create and are creating between my son and Bowser! Your thoughtfulness and well planned classes have made bonding time so positive. Taking something my son is very interested in such as Karate and incorporating Bowser into this was so creative. Austin looks forward to his training g classes every week and in the words of my seven year old, 'Yukari is worth it!' He also has nick-named you 'The Dog Lady'.

Thank you and we cannot wait until our next class!
-Andrea Ellsworth

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Yukari is an amazing trainer. Her years of experience, passion for animals, and her understanding of how to help humans make her who she is today. This is one trainer that you dont want to let get away... Yukari thank you for helping me and my Lucy LeFleur.
-Nikita LeFleur

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“Thank you so much for working with myself and Sadie. When I first began my training lessons with Sadie she was very reactive and unpredictable. I was in serious need of some behavior changes from my dog. My condo complex was also on the fence about banning my dog from our building unless her behavior changed. Over a 5 month period, working with you and working with Sadie, I was able to significantly change her behavior. She has remarkably improved her reactive ways and proved that if you take the time and effort to train your dog using diligence and patience, you will definitely see positive results. Fortunately, I have been allowed back into our dog park and Sadie is not going to be banned from the building!Thank you Yukari, your the best!And Sadie loves you too!"
- Sarah Gabriel

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My First Puppy with Yukari

“Yukari is the most sincere and loving souls I have had the pleasure to interact with.This trait is carried through into her dog training and the animals can sense this about her. I have had numerous animals throughout my life, but my German Sheppard mix; Brock was the first animal that I have had a professional assist me in training. What a God send Yukari was to us and our family. I get constant compliments on how well behaved Brock is. Because of the work Yukari did and the skills she taught my husband and I it makes visitors in our home more comfortable and it adds to the joy of having him in our lives… he is not just an animal he is a family member.”
- Jessica Martinez

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Our Training Philosophy

Learning Theory does not assume the dog strives for dominance. The theory states that animal behavior is triggered by the environment in response to an anticipated outcome. opportunity and practice, the animal learns specific behaviors while being driven by motivation, reinforcement (either negatively or positively), and conditioning.

Dominance theory’ is based on the use of force and correction, and ‘Learning Theory’ is based on positive reinforcement.

Dominance Theory states that the dog ‘misbehaves’ because they are striving for a higher rank (like wolves in the wild). Humans need to show them “who’s the boss by using intimidation, force and correction. Their relationship is developed through dominant and submissive roles. There is no scientific proof that domesticated animals strive for dominance in a hierarchical pack setting.

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