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Meet Yukari

Yukari Bianchi is originally from Osaka, Japan. While in Japan, she worked as a vet tech assistant in a local vet hospital for a year and half. She moved to Denver, Colorado in 1992.

Eye Opener to the Animal Welfare

In 1995, Yukari started volunteering at the DFL animal shelter as a kennel tech assistant in the health care department. With English being a second language, she did not feel confident speaking the language. This type of communication barrier that would normally inhibit an individual from volunteering was actually a blessing. She simply very carefully observed the animals' body language and took extra time getting to know each animal.

Naturally, Yukari would find herself drawn to being an animal foster parent, caring for those that need more individual attention. The experience she got from fostering gave her more confidence and knowledge about animals (common illnesses, minor behavior issues for kittens and puppies, etc.)

Yukari added to her knowledge and skills by becoming an assistant in the foster care department at the DFL. There she cared for animals with a wide range of needs; some physical, some behavioral, some emotional. During this time she was mentored by Heather Dulcy and Carol Badgely who taught her about animal care and wellness. Yukari thrived in this environment and learned as much as she could.

To Be a Better Trainer

Never losing the desire to learn and grow, Yukari directed her energies to animal training and behavior. She apprenticed with Sue Brown, a well-known and respected dog trainer in Colorado. Yukari has also continuing her formal animal education by taking a series of classes from Lorraine May at the Misha May Foundation. She continues to read books and attend seminars to stay knowledgeable of the most current training methods and information.

She is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The Colorado Dog Trainer Network, The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and The Behavior Education Network. She also holds a Pet First Aid/CPR certificate from the American Red Cross.

Reinforcing, and Having Fun While Training

In the last five years Yukari has become a student of Muay-Thai Kickboxing. With the guidance of two great teachers, Oscar and Jessica Martinez, she has learned the importance of encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and how to have fun while working hard! She has taken what she has learned and applied this unique experience to her work with clients who have "challenged" furry kids.

Embracing LIFE!!!

In addition to Yukari's work in animal wellness and Muay-Thai Kickboxing, she enjoys cooking, crafting, singing, gardening, and traveling. She lives happily with her husband, Aric, and their two dogs, Midori (means "green" in English), Sakura (means "cherry blossom" in English), and Oryo ("O-RIO", means "female dragon" in English).